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How to Take a Screenshot on Windows Help Center

Finally, the importance of keeping backups cannot be overstated. Businesses know all too well that backups can make or break a ransomware recovery strategy and the same goes for those looking to preserve files of a different nature. Select “My Library” on the left pane to access all previously installed apps. Click “Continue” when a popup appears and prompts you to continue reinstalling the Windows 10 operating system. Click the Settings cog and choose ‚Restore‘ to recover your data. You’ll also be given an option to ‚clean the drive fully‘ – again, skip this unless you’re selling on your PC.

  • It is an open-source tool for users who do not want to pay for a subscription to Adobe Photoshop.
  • If forgot Windows 10 administrator account password, how to reset Windows 10 laptop to factory setting without entering password?
  • The up arrow is misaligned in File Explorer tabs.

Glenview was priced fairly, responsive and very prompt. They went an extra step for us and we are extremely satisfied with their work. We won’t hesitate to use them again or recommend them to friends.


Knowing how to reinstall Windows 10 is a great skill to have up your sleeve. From frequent error messages to a significantly reduced operating speed, sometimes the only cure for these pesky problems is to reset everything. If you’ve been wondering how to do it and keep your files intact, this guide will show you how.

Many homes are constructed with different heights of windows on the first floor than on the second floor. Be sure to measure every window before placing your order for exterior shutters. The latter option is also best for insulation and if you want to make the best of blackout curtains.

How To Measure – Guides & Videos

Those who are waiting to upgrade until Microsoft irons out performance hiccups have nothing to fear — Windows 11 is very much a finished product, not a beta test. Microsoft is also letting developers keep all the revenue their apps earn as long as they use their own commerce avenue. On Windows 11, even if devs go with Microsoft’s payment tech, they can keep 85% (88% for games) of their earnings compared to Apple’s 30% tax. Probably nowhere near as often as the iOS and Android app stores. For one, Microsoft’s version lacks popular apps, and those it does contain just aren’t very good. Microsoft is taking the right steps to make its digital store the type of place you’d actually want to shop in.

Current Windows 10 users will be able to upgrade for free in early 2022. You’ll have a few different options for how to arrange most apps. Windows 11 will be a free upgrade for all Windows 10 users. Apparently, Microsoft stated there won’t be a time limit on upgrading, giving you ample time to get the new OS.

The first step is measuring the dimensions of your current windows. While this may seem like a simple task, there are a few things to consider when it comes to measuring your window. Referred to Glenview Glass and Screen by Milgard windows. Have and older Simonton slider where the sealed had failed. On the day of the install, they called to give us a heads up that they were headed our way, showed up on time and quickly replaced the glass.

Custom designs are not the conceptual foundation of every house. In regular constructions, rough frames are close to standard window size. Naturally, this is cost-efficient and less time-consuming. Many retailers and manufacturers always have standard window sizes. Of course, there are variations More Info, but two sizes are readily available. These are standard window sizes which are 2 by 2 feet and 4 by 4 feet.

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