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How alcohol can shorten your life span by up to 28 years

The study warns that those who exceed 18 weekly drinks could lose 4-5 years of their lives. Christina has been practicing in the field of addiction and mental health since 2003. She is currently a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Her credentials include Certified Domestic Violence Counselor, Certified Anger Resolution Therapist, Certified Co-occurring Disorder Specialist and currently practices as a trained EMDR therapist. Christina has extensive experience working with adults, adolescents, couples and families, with an emphasis on addiction and trauma experiences or exposure. She is also a military veteran and has grown up in a military family. As a result, she lends her understanding, experience, and expertise as our Trauma Informed Therapist, with a specific focus on the emotional and psychological health of military veterans and first responders in their recovery journey.

  • In all people who have AUD, mortality is relatively higher in women, younger people and people in treatment for addiction .
  • It’s what happens when chronic inflammation does cumulative damage to your liver over time.
  • The relationship between different dimensions of alcohol use and the burden of disease-an update.
  • Many people with high functioning alcoholism deny that they have a substance use disorder to themselves and those around them on the grounds that their life, at least at the moment, is going fairly well.
  • It can take time for people with alcohol use disorders to come to terms with the fact that they need help.
  • After crunching the numbers, the researchers determined that the individuals who were hospitalized for alcohol use disorder, on average, saw a year decrease in overall life expectancy.

Many individuals become reliant on alcohol to help manage the effects of certain mental health disorders. Esther has been with Hemet Valley Recovery Center since 2008, having over 16 years of experience in the field of Chemical Dependency.

The Benefits of Holistic Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

While these fatal accidents can occur after just one episode of heavy drinking, people with alcohol use disorders are more likely to put themselves in these dangerous situations more often because of their regular drinking. While alcohol may be legal for people of a certain age, our Mississippi alcohol rehab knows that it doesn’t make this substance entirely safe. Many people are privy to the short-term consequences of drinking too much such as hangovers, drunk driving accidents, drunken injuries, alcohol blackouts, and alcohol poisoning. Fewer stop to think about the real cost of long-term alcohol abuse, including the worrisome relationship between drinking and life expectancy. The conclusion of the study was that people who have to be hospitalized because of the negative health effects of their alcoholism typically have an average life expectancy of 47 to 53 years for men and 50 to 58 years for women. If you don’t stop drinking after diagnosis, you have a reduced life expectancy. For people assigned male at birth who don’t stop drinking, the five-year survival rate is about 70%.

  • While several studies emphasize the negative health effects of alcoholism and heavy drinking, there is some conflicting evidence when it comes to moderate alcohol use and life expectancy.
  • In all cohort studies, standard covariates, such as age, sex, and socioeconomic status were assessed at baseline .
  • Approximately 20% of the alcohol-related survival difference was attributed to death from cardiovascular disease.
  • A person with early-stage alcoholism may also exhibit a high tolerance to alcohol.

“Our findings add one piece to the growing evidence that low to moderate alcohol drinking should not be recommended for health reasons,” Dr. John said. Dr. John and his team conclude that their results show that people abstaining from alcohol will not usually have a higher mortality risk than those who consume low to moderate amounts. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism , in 2019, 85.6% of individuals in the United States aged 18 years or older reported that they had consumed an alcoholic beverage at one time in their life. The researchers found that those who abstain from alcohol may have a higher mortality rate because of risky behaviors in which they engaged earlier in life. The death rate for the actively alcoholic man is greater the younger he is, Dr. Grant said.

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In the aggregate data, neither age- nor sex-specific alcohol consumption data were available. The results based on aggregated data were exploratory and may not be used to draw definitive causative conclusions. In addition, data about illegal alcohol production and individual cross-border import were not included in the national statistics and could not be evaluated in this study. Excessive alcohol consumption, especially of distilled alcohol, is responsible for higher mortality rates and lower life expectancy for men in Eastern Europe, especially the former Soviet Union. As scar tissue replaces healthy tissue in your liver, it blocks the flow of blood and slows your liver’s ability to process nutrients and filter toxins. This leads to many complications, including malnutrition, blood toxicity, liver failure and death. In the West, alcohol-induced liver disease causes 80% of liver toxicity deaths.

Are heavy drinkers healthier and happier?

But it just so happens that this group of drinkers were slimmer, happier and more mobile than those who drank less or were teetotal. Vera Guttenthaler, the study's author, said: "One explanation may be that higher alcohol consumption may lead to elevated mood, enhanced sociability and reduced stress.

The latest life expectancy of an alcoholic confirms that alcoholics can recover physically and live out their lives, said Dr. Among both men and women at all drinking levels, the risk of all-causes mortality was lower than that of abstainers. With the availability of a large cohort of nearly half a million subjects followed between 1996 and 2008, we compared modest drinkers or regular drinkers with non-drinker. Because a large number of drinkers also smoke, we analyzed the risks individually and in combinations. Frequently drinking alcohol can result in a weakened immune system, resulting in your body having a much more difficult time fighting illness and disease. Common illnesses that occur with a weakened immune system, especially with alcoholics, include pneumonia and tuberculosis.

End Stage Alcoholism

While admittedly difficult, it is by no means impossible to discern whether you or a loved one have high-functioning and it is important to try if you believe they are. New Mexico specifically has the highest alcohol-related death rates in the nation. The amount of people openly struggling with alcohol use disorder is only half the battle when you consider the entire subpopulation of people with high functioning alcoholics who never reach out for help or are never addressed about their drinking. It can be a difficult thing to admit to yourself that you or a loved one have a problem. The symptoms of alcoholism are not always apparent, even to the person who has the alcohol use disorder. Many high-functioning alcoholics work to conceal their drinking habits and, because they are so high-functioning, the people around them are rarely the wiser to their addiction.

Who is the longest living alcoholic?

Juan Vicente Pérez, from Venezuela, will turn 113 very soon. The secret of a long life according to Juan hard work, timely sleeping and daily consumption of alcohol.

That being said, it is important to address and find help early on in addictions. Research shows that early intervention in any addiction can make all the difference in chances at lasting recovery.

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